Jeff Gardner’s Free Advertising Academy Review – (Affiliate Business Opportunity Review)

Jeff Gardner’s Free Advertising Academy is a new business opportunity that has launched recently on the Internet. The program is a based on a traffic generating training program and affiliate opportunity. So what is the training and can you find success with this business? Here is a simple review.

Jeff Gardner is a well known Internet marketer and affiliate business owner on the Internet. His latest creation in the Internet based business opportunity industry is the Free Advertising Academy. The program and business comes with a monthly investment of $27 dollars. With the investment the individual will receive training programs on how to drive traffic using free methods of marketing on the Internet. Free methods of marketing by far are the best ways to create traffic, but without a full understanding of keyword knowledge failure can occur.

The FAA also comes with an affiliate opportunity built in through what is known as ClickBank’s Order Processing & Tracking System. For each member that signs up with your affiliate link through the FAA system the individual will retain a few dollars of commission for 12 months. Doing the math is simple and would mean that each individual would need to take the training serious to drive the 1000’s of individuals needed to create a substantial income with this particular business opportunity.

The Free Advertising Academy system is a good system that many new to Internet marketing could use to get their feet wet on how to effectively learn free methods of marketing online. However, the affiliate opportunity is not a “get rich quick” business as are any online opportunities. For those of us who have found success on the Internet understand that it comes through solid training, one on one mentoring and applying massive action with the training into the opportunity. As of this time I have yet to see anyone create substantial income on a low start up cost and so it is best to complete your due diligence before joining any online or Internet based business opportunity.

Online Business Alliance Review – An Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunity

Online Business Alliance is an affiliate marketing business opportunity that has been around for some time now. Based in the affiliate marketing industry and touting to help create a substantial income for its members, can you truly find success with OBA?


Online Business Alliance is part of the ever and fast growing affiliate marketing business opportunity industry. There seems to be thousands of these types of opportunities online anymore and all touting to help you, the member, create a huge and substantial income online. The cost of the program is a mere $5 one time fee with no recurring fee involved. Although this does sound enticing, finding massive success through affiliate marketing on the internet is difficult and requires solid effort and training.

The OBA offers what they call a turnkey automated money making opportunity complete with e-books, replicated websites, hosting, landing pages and products to sell from the replicated site. The OBA program does offer some training in Internet marketing, but does seem to lack when it comes to 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring which is vital to the newbie to starting an online business.

The compensation plan is built on affiliate marketing through the products and through recruiting others into the business opportunity itself. With such a small entry fee and the commission earned through recruitment, this will literally require the recruitment of not 100’s, but literally 1000’s of individuals into the organization monthly to create a substantial income for the affiliate business owner. The products themselves are legitimate, but will only be in high demand through your solid Internet marketing efforts. This too with the small compensation structure per sale require a solid stream of traffic and conversion monthly.

Online Business Alliance is a legitimate affiliate marketing business opportunity, but the fact remains that creating a massive income from such a small initial investment has yet to be seen. It is best to complete your due diligence before joining any online business or program, and at least talk to someone live to get those questions answered. For those of us who have found success online however, it has come through solid Internet marketing training, solid mentoring and coaching as well as the willingness to to apply massive action!