"Price Comparison" Affiliate Sites – Big Opportunity For Newbie Marketers

“Affiliate” revenue / websites have gone through a number of iterations to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the “web”.

What used to be a simple “content” website, now needs to include elements of branding in order to ensure people are able to attribute its underlying value with a SOCIAL following.

In fact, “SOCIAL” has really changed the game when it comes to the Internet. It no longer pays to be an anonymous avatar hiding behind a nondescript username – you really need skin-in-the-game; which essentially means using your own name/face to promote the ideas you put forward with your sites. The relationships garnered through this approach is where the value lies.

Obviously, using your own name opens you up to competitors… but the trick now is to ensure that people have MORE of a reason to use your content/services than anyone else’s. This comes from either posting TRULY sublime stuff, or focusing on creating as SCINTILLATING service as humanly possible. The latter (service) is where “price comparison” affiliate sites come in.

Affiliate Marketing = 110% Give, 1% Receive

To fully appreciate how this works, you need to understand that in order to “earn” money, there are TWO things you need:

  • Audience – group of people who are actively engaged in an activity (HINT: MOST people will gladly “try” something new if it inspires them)
  • Product – something said people would be willing to BUY (HINT: NEVER worry about the product. The product will “sell” itself if it’s good)

The way that “affiliate” marketing works is where you will “recommend” a product to an audience and if any of them purchase it – you’ll receive a cut of the profits.

The problem with affiliate marketing is that it has bred a large number of “skim” marketers; who don’t really “do” anything except hype up the next FAD product (diet pills/live chat/gambling/betting etc) and do everything they can to get people to sign up.

The issue with this is that whilst it “works”, it’s NOT sustainable over the long term, and leaves many people HATING the hyperbolic tactics used to trick them into buying things they didn’t need.

The KEY to creating a sustainable / profitable “affiliate” marketing income is to focus on GIVING up front. Yes, it’s cliché and many would argue – relatively ineffective – but it has ONE underlying benefit — builds an audience. This audience (and the depth of its relationship) is where growth really comes for an online “business”.

The level at which you’re able to provide insight, solutions or underlying benefits to a particular audience is how much they’ll reward you with revenue. The only way to do this is to forget yourself and identify a “service” through which you’re able to determine the


The most important thing to consider regard to how “affiliate” sites work is that there are pretty-much 3 types of site you can create (each varying in difficulty):

  1. Content Sites (pure content sites focused on providing specific articles to solve problems for people who may be searching through Google etc)
  2. Community Sites (blogs etc – typically focused on provision of lifestyle-centric solutions // content, connectivity, etc)
  3. Product Sites (focused either on the reviewing of products, discussion of products or dissection of products/industry news)

Now, the key to all of this is that the effectiveness of each of the above is generally measured by how deep your relationship becomes with the reader/buyer. This is the secret ingredient where “SOCIAL” comes in.

In terms of why this is important – it’s vital to appreciate that if you’re looking to start earning money online, one of the SIMPLEST ways to go about it is to deal with products which are *ALREADY* selling. This used to be done by creating “review” websites and trying to get them ranked on Google.

Whilst this worked, the big problem was that 1) the sites themselves were very “THIN” (had no real resonance) 2) relied on a SINGLE source of traffic (mostly Google).

Without the MASSIVE draw of Google, the majority of “review” sites would never receive traffic. People used them because they had no other choice… but with the “social” web (Trustpilot / Yelp / Twitter / FB / YouTube), the majority of people now have a CHOICE as to where to find information about products they may wish to buy – meaning that if you want to “capture” any of this HUGE amount of traffic, you need to offer a compelling reason for people to actually look at what you’re producing. This is where “price comparison” affiliate sites come in.

Price comparison sites have been around for a LONG time – if you’ve ever bought insurance, personal finance, real estate, flights, hotels or various other packages online – you’ll have likely used websites which essentially “tailor” the product results to the criteria you submit. THIS (partly) is what price comparison functionality is about — giving people the opportunity to discern EXACTLY which products, prices and suppliers would be best for them.

This functionality lies at the crucible of what I’ve been working towards, in regard “affiliate” price comparison sites…


The “new” affiliate price comparison model is actually very simple…

Create a website with a CORE focus on the most EFFECTIVE solutions in an industry… and then track their prices from *ALL* vendors

The way it works is very similar to many of the previous “affiliate” systems we’ve used in the past (review sites) – except the core point of value is that you give the consumer a complete overview of what the “best” products are for a particular problem / issue / solution.

You cut out the hearsay & speculation (no one wants to hear your life story – they really just care about themselves) – you begin to cultivate a “following” through the likes of social media.

If you don’t provide a service, or are looking at doing something to earn money on the side – working with the PROMOTION of PRODUCTS online is one of the most effective things you can do. However, to do it effectively takes MORE than just putting up some one-sided “review” about the features of a product which *may* be effective. You need to appreciate the *depth* that you can imbue into the service. This is what the new “price comparison” model does.

The “new” price comparison sites that I’ve been working with the past couple of years are centered around the provision of a single SERVICE through which users are able to experience exactly what they want without having to trawl through masses of text to get it.

Simply, you provide users with a central “system” through which they’re able to identify the “best” products in a market, and see their historic prices across a large number of vendors. These prices can be gleaned from either native API integrations, or just from “web scraping” (essentially how Google gets all of its data). Whilst this has already been done 1,000’s of time before – the problem with *MOST* “price comparison” sites is that is all they offer.

What we found was that when you combine an effective service – the ability to actually delve deeply into someone’s desires & resolve them – with the ability to match their requirements against products that actually work – you have a resource that many people end up wanting to use. If you’re able to blend this with a decent “social” presence, you’ll be able to operate in any “market” with authority and gravitas.

Getting In Front Of The “Right” Traffic

To summarize – the BIGGEST problem for people starting in business is a lack of footfall / traffic / throughput.

Whilst this isn’t a problem for the “smart” ones who build a business step-by-step over time, it *is* an issue for those without any real direction (end up jumping from project to project).

The absolute key to making any sort of “business” work (both offline and online) is to get in front of the “right” traffic.

To do this, you basically need to flip the problem on its head and focus on creating “content” which you share on a variety of platforms (Google / Twitter / FB / YouTube etc) through which people are able to come and visit your “site” to gain insight on the further steps they can take to deal with what you have/know.

The way to do this most effectively is to show what you can DO on the “social” web (if you “review” products – actually go out of your way to video the results of how the products work)… after doing that, you need to then create some sort of resource which is so potent that they will actually want to click through and consider what you have to say.

The best way for this to be done is to create a compelling “resource” through which the readers gain access to information they will NEVER get anywhere else. This is done primarily by creating an effective service through which people are able to identify the products and vendors whom they wish to deal with. If you do this effectively, you’ll earn revenue by virtue of anyone who buys the products that you recommend on your site.

Simple Reasons Why 98% of Affiliate Marketers Fail Online

Affiliate marketing refers to the selling of other people’s product and services and earning commissions per sales, either as a onetime pay off, or a monthly recurring basics. It can be very lucrative if done properly. The good thing about setting up an affiliate marketing business is that, it involves no cost to get started, you do not need to have a product to sell, you do not have to worry about customer service, and there are no hassles at all. Another good thing about affiliate marketing is that, you can also be making money even without making a sale. This is known as CPA (cost Per Action); meaning that, you send traffic to a particular website you are promoting, and getting paid just because a prospect entered their information like email, Country, telephone number, post/zip code, and their name into an opt-in page or a website form. Commissions for CPA offers like this can be up to $30 to $100 per lead. However despite its simplicity, approximately 98% or more, of people venturing into the affiliate marketing business fail online because they lack the right skills and knowledge.

Other reasons affiliate marketers fail are as listed below:

1) People venturing into this business model tend to complicate even the simplest things.

Most affiliate have fail to understand that affiliate marketing suppose to be centred on helping people. They fail to target hungry markets that have great products in which consumers need instant solutions to the problems. Good example of these kind of products are weight loss, social obligations (e.g. wedding speeches), loans, computer software, console repairs ebooks or video tutorials etc etc. A must get, an instant solution product, a do or die product are the kind of products that can help skyrocket your affiliate income.

Not understanding simple common sense things like this has contributed to the failure of many internet business marketers. The confusion of knowing the right places to market specific products to. Most affiliates tend to market any product everywhere instead of seeking a particular market place. Twitter tends to be one of the best places to find people with instant solutions to their problem. The reason is because most people on twitter tend to tweet their problems. In social media, conversion is king, and if you can converse with people and do not spam the platform, it is possible to make money.

2) Most beginners or even those who have being affiliate markets for years do lack focus.

Most assume that trying to promote several products will contribute in making them more money. This is not tore, because instead of making more money, they tend to lose focus. This can simply lead to information over load which can result in causing more harm to the progress of their business than succeeding.

3) Majority of people do not take action.

Another major problem is that most affiliates learn lots of new thing from several mentors but also fail to implement the things they learn. Some common reasons is because of lack of resources and tools for implementing the things they learn. Other reason is that most affiliate underestimates the value of the information they receive, or are rather too lazy to act upon that information.

If affiliate can learn to avoid making these simple mistakes, I believe there will be more affiliate marketer’s success story. In order to fall within the 2% of affiliates who are doing pretty well, these simple mistakes needs be put into consideration.

How Will Affiliate Marketers Profit From Direct Marketing Growth?

Nothing makes an entrepreneur feel more excited than understanding their true profit potential. Is your chosen industry growing, or slowing down? Let’s face it, how many times have you had the right approach, but not the materials to rely on to gain confidence in your business pursuits. Direct Marketing growth will give affiliate marketers the confidence they need to be tremendously success.

What is Direct Marketing, and why is it Growing

From huge corporations, mid-size companies, to start-ups all have products or services to sale. The main question they ask themselves are, who is their target market, and what is the best way to reach them? Some companies may choose to use direct marketing. Direct Marketing is selling products and services right to the end-user without a middle man. For example, clicking links from our personal email box then being swept away to another website to see a product, or service promotion. This is a common practice for people who regularly make purchases online in this day in age. According to the newly published eMarketers Report titled “Worldwide Retail and Ecommerce Sales eMarketer’s Updated Forecast for 2016-2021”. The report mention:

• In 2017, retail ecommerce sales worldwide reached $2.304 trillion, a 24.8% increase over the previous year, eMarketer estimates. Mobile was a key factor, as M-commerce accounted for 58.9% of digital sales.

• Global M-commerce sales rose 40.3% last year to $1.357 trillion, representing 6.0% of total retail expenditures. Markets with significant mobile spending include China, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the US. Growth has been helped along by consumers feeling more comfortable making purchases on their smartphones and, in some regions, a greater selection of low-cost items like apparel, which encourages impulse buying.

The growth of direct marketing is coming from the use of the internet, and more potential customers are spending a significant amount of time on it each day. With this idea in mind, we are drawn to the accessibility that the internet offers us. From our tablets to smartphones are digital devices that we carry with us every day. As technology increases it places a consistent demand for the need of the internet. Businesses that fully recognize this dynamic will strategically place themselves in a position to take advantage of this growth. This is why direct marketing will be the best approach to reach a target audience from now into the future.

Using Direct Marketing As A Business Strategy

With online sales increasing companies can better track what’s being sold, how much is being sold, and what region is purchasing the most of that product or service that is being offered. By understanding this, companies are able to maximize their marketing efforts in the best products in the right places, which will, reduce marketing expenses, and enhance profit margins. It’s all about measuring profitable performance. When companies are using a direct marketing approach most financial questions are being answered more effectively.

How Does Affiliate Marketers Profit

There’s a great line between working on your business, and working in your business. Working on your business is creating products and services that will better help your customers, or finding different ways to aid them with different problems they may face. Working in your business is the daily activities of promoting products or services getting it in front of your target market. So, where does affiliate marketing step into play? Affiliate marketers provide assistance with working in company’s businesses. Affiliate marketers are able to leverage their expertise in a particular subject to help promote the product or service. This allows other companies to do the heavy lifting of creating products that fits well for customers, and allow us the affiliate marketers to use our knowledge to demonstrate the most effective ways to utilize the product or service.

As savvy affiliate marketers we realize that matching a direct marketing approach with a growing industry translates into great monetary success.

With a broad stroke concept of the benefits of direct marketing and how it relates to profits of an affiliate marketer. We can, if we wanted, dig deeper into the subject and find out how it directly relates to your profitability of what you would like to market. This is no more than researching the companies you would like to be an affiliate with, and seeing if they have a direct marketing approach that you are able to apply with your business pursuits. Besides, every entrepreneur should feel excited when they understand their true profit potential.